Norteak is organized with the only objective to invest in forestry plantations and optimize the economic, social and environmental benefits of them. Norteak’s team is formed by:


The matrix enterprise, Norteak AS, has 40 stockholders, most of them from Norway. Approximately half of the stocks belong to capital administrators including pensions funds, and the other half belong to private individuals or           family investments.

NORTEAK AS Oslo, Norway

 Norteak A.S. has a Board of Directors of 6 people, among them 3 with experience in the forestry sector of Norway.The administration of Norteak A.S. is in charge of Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning

General Management Managua

Operations in Nicaragua are run by Norteak Nicaragua S.A. which has its headquarters in Managua, with an office of Management and Administration. The office hires 4 people.

Technical Team Camoapa

The forestry operation is directed from the farm La Embajada, in the Municipality of Camoapa, in the Center of Managua.

In the team front is the Operations Chief and a technical team of 18 people, most of them are local inhabitants and formed by the enterprise.

Reforestación y Desarrollo