Social Responsibility

Norteak visualizes its social responsibility in different areas

As an employer: Our first responsibility is for work at Norteak to be safe and that it may be an engine for personal and social development of employees and their families.

As an economic actor: For our presence in the area may foster economic development beyond our facilities, in the first order that the business of trees and its derivatives may be an opportunity for many.

As a member of the community: To be a strong partner within the community to make possible the realization of priority social and cultural projects for the population.

The central axes of work are:

 “One more member of the community”

 Being the largest employer in the area, we have a great responsibility to contribute directly and indirectly for progress and well-being, but this responsibility is shared with the rest of community members. Projects and programs to promote must have active support from several inhabitants who contribute to their realization within their own capacities. We believe that only this way can sustainable and lasting progress be achieved.

We want to be seen as one more member of a community, where everyone gives contributions according to their possibilities, not as an external actor coming to scatter welfare.

The good example

The actions of Norteak must represent a good example motivating other actors to follow its example. We give special attention to:

  • Respect for labor laws, including labor safety
  • Respectful behavior before all people
  • Tolerance for diversity of criteria and cultural expressions
  • Care for the environment in all actions
  • Maintain high levels of information about our actions.

Social Investment

Social investment shall be first of all in the educational area with offers from our staff, and with a vision of reaching a broader target group.

Additionally, projects from the community and from the authorities are supported with resources, initially with greater investment in infrastructure works, but with the prospect of expanding as good initiatives may arise in the communities.

Culture and sports

The company supports sports activities in the area with some minor financing.

However, it is observed that at present sports only actively involves the male population of a certain age range, and we are in the process of identifying cultural activities targeting other sectors of the population. For this purpose, foreign volunteers have been invited to come to contribute with ideas.

FSC Forestry Certification

Norteak’s plantations are certified (Forest Steeardship CouncilTM)
FSCTM is an independent certification system specialized in the management of forests and forest plantations. FSCTM is based on ten principles of responsible forest management that consider the project’s impact on the outside world and its workers and long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Norteak has adopted these principles, and we strive to respect them in our daily work.

Read the FSCTM principles here

Norteak’s partners have chosen the FSCTM certification to ensure their investment is responsible and in favor of the progress of the areas of operation. We hope that our future customers will also appreciate this effort and improve our market options.

Reforestación y Desarrollo