Investors from Norway have taken the challenge to invest in the sustainable production of high quality teak wood in the area that only livestock knew, and whose main assets were the good land and the interest of the population in cultivating trees. On these two solid pillars there have been building capacities for:

  • Producing high quality plants.
  • Care of trees which facilitates good growth and good shape.
  • Growth monitoring to ensure timely sylviculture at all times.
  • Genetic improvement through selection of seed sources and clonal reproduction.

After 10 years we have 1,460 hectares of plantations and we are making the first thinning with the possibility of generating income. This presents new challenges in these years we are expanding our capabilities to:

  • Harvest and transport of wood.
  • Identification of markets and products.
  • Preparing and processing wood for obtaining the best-selling options.

The back bone in our organization is the local population which is acquiring knowledge and skills, but we also give high priority to alliance with other forest enterprises and possible providers.

The forestry business is for a long term and we are convinced that success lies in knowing how to grow together with the society around us.

Reforestation is a necessity for the environment, but we are convinced that it can only be profitable and sustainable if it is carried out in a dynamic society. That is why we have chosen the motto: Reforestation & Development.

Reforestación y Desarrollo